Emily's Story

I’ve always considered myself a creative and an artist my entire life. I was inspired by interiors and often reflected on the way they made me feel at a young age. I would draw inspiration from my surroundings and interiors for my art. I realized interior design was a strong interest of mine, and that I could now be inspired by my surroundings to transform environments. I’ve always had an “I could make that” attitude. I have a very hands-on approach, often creating one of a kind features for my clients.

I’ve been in the design industry for 7 years. Throughout my schooling at Milwaukee Area Technical College, I worked at a one-of-a-kind furniture store called Artistry Furniture and Gift Gallery offering assistance to my peer Interior Designer while gaining experience and knowledge of on the job experience. I graduated school in 2009 and started working with and growing my own clientele. Since 2012 I’ve been working as an independent designer assisting individuals, families, and businesses.

I love getting to work closely with my clients on such a personal aspect of their lives, their home. I enjoy learning their story, helping them discover their likes and dislikes and challenging them to try new things. It is so rewarding to see a room that I designed to be used by its’ occupants. Hearing my clients telling me that they love coming home now, brings me so much happiness.


Why Choose Emily for Your Interior Design Needs?

Emily will work at your pace, within your budget and at your convenience. She values the time, effort, and money that her clients invest in each project and those things will always remain a priority for her. She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to work with an interior designer regardless of budget. Emily will always work hard to offer affordable design options to meet every style and budget. Her services will never fail to offer you one-on-one attention for each of your design needs. It is her aim to create unique and timeless designs that will reflect your personal style with her quality workmanship and exceptional attention to detail. Emily always loves the opportunity to be helpful to her clients and to create something they will love. You can always count on her uniqueness and creativity for your every design need.

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Hear From a Happy Client

"Our timber frame home project began with the belief that my wife and I could tackle the decorating and not really need any assistance. We had the belief that interior decorators were expensive and hard to work with, and then we found Emily Blascoe Interior Design. Not only did Emily get the ball in the net from a professional point of view but her mild mannered, laid-back approach was one that gained our respect and more importantly, our trust. We joke that it saved our marriage, and at the same time made the end product unbelievably awesome. Emily listened to us and weeded through our own indecisions and confidentially decided what should be where and explained why. After listening to explanations we found it hard to disagree. Once you reach this point is when you begin saving time and making decisions; you have to listen and trust her creative eye. We did, and the photos speak for themselves. The details you don’t see in the photos is the assistance on placement of fixtures, from lights to switches to treatments. Even during construction she served as a stand in owner and worked as our liaison with the contractors. We had a dream team from start to finish and she was a key part in it. Our timber frame home in the country is complete, it was not easy nor short, but it was done with heart and done right. That is what Emily brings to the table. We now call Emily and her husband David, friends."

-Timber Frame Home in the Country