My Services

As an interior designer, I offer a wide variety of service given that each product is so unique. From helping you choose paint colors for your new bathroom, to planning out a layout or design for your new kitchen, from small construction to custom fireplace designs. I have the knowledge and resources to get almost any project done.

There are four main services that I offer to my clients: Interior Painting, Color Consults, Accessory Styling and Design. From there, if there are more specific or unique needs, I will either talk you through my process of doing the project or I would do specific research for a contractor to work with us on the project. Either way, I provide many helpful services to meet your design needs.

Interior Painting


The Simplest Form of Change

With her precision with a paintbrush, you can feel at ease that the job was done right. After helping you choose the perfect color for your project, Emily will use all premium grade products on your walls, ceilings, trim or furniture. There’s no quicker update with such a huge impact than a fresh coat of paint.

Accessory Styling


Where to Start with Decorating

Selecting individual items to decorate your bookshelves with or artwork for your walls can be daunting. Let Emily shop for you and stylize your room by bringing in artwork, accessories, pillows, or by working with items that you already have and setting them up for you. Enter your room for a final reveal that’s both exciting and satisfying that your room is now complete!

Color Consults


Clueless about Color?

Color is a great place to start when you are redecorating. Most of us have an idea of what colors we do or do not like but we may not always know what colors work well together. Emily will work with you to determine what your color personality is. Color samples, inspiration photos, and a little bit of exploring about you will help us to create the perfect color scheme that will set an important tone for your room or entire home.



Large or Small remodel?

As little as you need or as large as you need, existing home, remodel, or new construction, Emily will listen to your needs and develop a full design plan for you. She will work with your contractors to see the project through to completion providing construction drawings, material selection, and full decor installation.

Your Questions Answered

Hiring someone to help you with a new project or construction can be an intimidating process. Here are some answers to some FAQs to help ease your mind and give you a good idea of what it’s like to work with an Interior Designer.

How Do I start the Process of Hiring Emily?

Call me anytime to discuss what I may be able to do for you. I would love to answer any questions you may have. Our first meeting is best in your home or where the design will take place. This is our Get-To-know-You meeting. This meeting is also about you getting to know me. It is where you will give me a tour and tell me about your vision, your wish list, and your expectations. We will have a chance to talk in depth about my process and services. Photos and field measurements will be gathered. A detailed design will be put together for you that you can expect a few weeks after our initial meeting in presentation form, Where I will be visiting you once again!

Should I clean my home before you come?

I certainly do not expect you to do a deep cleaning just for me. Things do not have to be perfect, after all, that is my reason for visiting! However, I will be taking photos of your home, so bear in mind that these photos will be your official “Before Photos” of your project. They may wind up on my website at some point in my portfolio.

How much do your services cost?

It is difficult to put flat fees on projects since all of them are so unique and different. Based on my experience with other projects, an hourly fee works best for you and myself. Some projects may vary. Please contact me with more unique/further questions concerning investment.

How does payment work?

Charges will be invoiced on a regular basis, usually once or twice a month. I will work on pre-discussed design items necessary for the project, and will not move along unless directed by you.This way we have a pre-understanding of when you are being charged. Billable hours will include:

  • Consultations
  • Design Research
  • Team Communication
  • Painting
  • Travel Time
  • Home Visits
  • Installations
  • Shopping


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