A Dull Dated House Gets Dramatic Personality and Color

About This Home Makeover

These handy homeowners have great taste. They had already done major work on their house since they originally purchased it. Imagine a 1990’s home with blue siding and emerald green shutters on the exterior, with a mauve and blue interior. Somehow they saw the potential that this house had. They had already done a breathtaking landscape job on the exterior, with the Mr. being an amazing landscaper. They also remodeled the interior finishes with natural stone, refaced the red brick fireplace with beautiful slate, and laid a rich warm hand scraped hardwood floor throughout, all themselves! They had a great start, but the furnishings is where they weren’t sure how and where to start. That is where I first met this awesome couple. We worked and continue to work from to room discovering and translating their personalities into materials, textures, and colors. They had just about every shade of beige, and were hoping for a warm environment, but only to have created a very cold, sterile, dull interior. They were inspired greatly by outdoor elements, and longed for their house to breath peace and solitude. Rich saturated jewel tone colors now flow from room to room all embodying the elements from nature that they love. We have made a great team collaborating our big ideas, and between the handiness of the three of us, we brainstorm about ways to make those ideas work and build and construct custom pieces. Old reclaimed wood is now gorgeous rustic floating shelves in the family room, wood shims have become a textural piece of art, and a large bare window has some much needed structure with a custom valance built from reclaimed wood, beautiful jacquard fabric, and brass nail heads. This home is truly this couple’s favorite place to spend their time, besides their beautiful yard! We’ve created a place of rest, a haven, where they can be inspired to continue to dream up projects to ever evolve and customize their home.



These photos display Emily’s furniture and decor selection, interior painting throughout the home, and kitchen cabinet refinishing from golden oak wood to a cream base with an antique glazing applied by Emily.

Photos by thedacquistos.com