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mushrooms on a dead standing tree stump

Find Your Inspiration

Find inspiration in something to spark the design of your entire room. It could be the texture or color of an object that you love, it could be a photograph of a vacation you went on, your hobby could inspire a theme or feeling it brings to you.  You may love your time you spend walking your dog. Everyday you walk through an area that just makes you happy to be there.. what about it do you love? The rocks on the ground, the old fallen tree on the path, the colorful flowers, the wheat thats growing in the field. find ways to bring these elements into your space. You will find quickly that they represent you, they remind you of peaceful moments, and you will feel at ease and refreshed in your space for those reasons.

Contrasting Neutral Color Palette

Neutral color pallets can be just as interesting as ones with bold exciting colors. Color isn’t for everybody, so if neutral is for you, try using different shades of your neutral color. Have contrast between the drapes, the wall color, and your furniture. Using several shades of the same color adds depth. Texture will also help differentiate between objects. Use rough textures, metal, matte finishes, highly textured carpet, and accents with natural materials such as stone or woven grasses. Light will absorb differently into each of them and creating stunning contrast and a strong statement.
Earthy brownish interior design plan - handcrafted ceramic tile with two brownish leather samples and paint color swatches.

How To Place Your Drapes

Definitely consider adding drapes to your room! Drapes always add a lot of impact to the space, They draw your eye up making the space appear larger and the softness completes the space. There are many options when it comes to drapes, but don’t let all of those choices become too much to the point where you opt out all together, let it be simple!
  • Use this as an opportunity to add pattern, texture, or color. Perhaps the rest of your room is fairly neutral and you need to add a statement, find a pattern that you love and it will immediately create interest in your room! Textures in a neutral color can add plenty of interest as well.


  • If anything, go with sheers. They diffuse the sunlight into the room creating a soft and cozy glow. They can also be layered with a heavier drape on the outside. The sheers can be drawn during the day for subtle privacy and the heavier drapes can be drawn in the evening.

Tips to Consider

Drapes can help reduce outside noise, drafts, light as well as creating privacy. Don’t forget about hardware. It doesn’t have to cost a lot.. just go for something that can visually support as well as physically support your beautiful drapes. I like at least a 1” round rod, but my favorite is 1-1/2” in diameter,  anything smaller than an inch and it looks too thin! Especially by the time its mounted at ceiling height.
Drapes come in different lengths intended for different applications depending on the room and type of window. 84” is a standard length which is often used in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. If your ceiling allows, try mounting your drapes higher, possibly 5” above your window moulding. You may need to go with a longer length drape so that they don’t rise further than an inch above the floor.

I wish to reveal to my clients how much support they receive from the space they live in and the things that surround them.

-Marie Kondo (Author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up)


Always Trust The Bubble

Using the correct tools throughout your project will guarantee that you will have accuracy from start to finish. Always use a level to hang shelving, pictures, drapes or masking out stripes to paint on your walls. It sounds silly and simple, but always trust the bubble. Ceilings, Floors and other surfaces just cannot be guaranteed to be level. At the end of the day, the things you see at eye level are going to be most important to keep at an accurate point. It allows precision that your naked eye just can’t offer.


For every item in, an item goes out

I had a client that lived by the household rule: One for One. This meant if they were bringing a piece of furniture into their home, one old piece of furniture must leave. This helped minimize clutter and excess from accumulating. Decorating not always, but most often, involves adding new things to your house which can lead to accumulation of too many items. This will help you avoid the dreaded catch-all room.

Functional Design

Imagine a home where everything in it has purpose. Each and every object you own should have one of two jobs; to bring you joy or be functional to you. If it doesn’t do either of those two things, consider getting rid of it. It is my goal to help you maintain a house that has only things that belong in it It’s also my goal to not contribute to unnecessary belongings, everything should have a purpose. This will eliminate clutter, make it easier to clean, and keeping your environment simple keeps your mind free and clear. It impacts us more than we realize.

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